Bus Information

Ionia Area Schools Transportation Department - 616-527-9680

All student bus changes must be processed through the transportation office, please call and get approval before calling the middle school.

Policy for students...in student handbook starting on page 28.


Ionia Public Schools operates school buses for the convenience of students living in areas surrounding the school and designated as “transportation areas.”  The bus drivers are required to follow a strict schedule.  This schedule may be disrupted by mechanical difficulties or bad weather conditions.

1.   Your conduct on the buses should be governed by your common sense and good judgment.  The driver is in complete control, has the same authority as a teacher in the classroom, and expects the cooperation of all students riding the bus.

2.   For the sake of safety, bus riders must not ride with arms or hands out of the windows nor move from one seat to another while the bus is in motion.  Upon approaching a railroad, riders should remain quiet.

3.   When leaving the bus, if a student must cross the road, he should cross in front of the bus on the driver’s signal.

4.   Bus riders on both regular and special trips should be on time at the appointed place as it is necessary that the buses be kept on schedule.

5.   If a rider wishes to take a different bus at any time, he must receive permission from the Assistant Principal or Principal.

6.   All buses used for special trips, athletic, and educational events will be chaperoned.

7.   Students traveling on school buses to out-of-town events will be required to ride with their assigned group to and from all such events.  Students who ride the bus to athletic events, for example, must return on the bus unless a written request is made by the parents for their children to return with them.           

8.   Students transported on buses must remain on school grounds both before and after school, or their privileges may be revoked.

9.   Immediate restriction and removal from transportation services may occur when conduct so warrants.



The following rules and regulations apply to all students riding district-operated school buses.  These rules and regulations were established to assist the drivers in ensuring that you are afforded the safest possible ride to and from school.  The school bus driver is responsible for the enforcement of the regulations.

1.   Students being transported are under the authority of the bus driver.

2.   Students shall stay in their seats and keep hands and feet to themselves.

3.   Students must have permission from parents and/or school to leave the bus other than at their regular stop, or to ride a different bus home.

4.   Students shall converse in normal tones; profane language is prohibited.        

5.   Students may not transport any animals.

6.   Students who refuse to obey all rules may forfeit their privilege to ride the bus.



Loss of bus privileges and/or restriction will result for the following infractions (length of restriction is discretionary, depending on severity of infraction):

•     Use of tobacco or creating a fire hazard

•     Fighting

•     Possession of alcohol or drugs

•     Throwing hazardous objects in or from the bus

•     Interference with the safe operation of the bus

•     Flagrant insubordination/defiance

•     Vandalism

When rule violations occur, a written conduct report describing infractions will be completed by the driver.  A copy will be given to the student to be taken home, signed, and discussed with the parent/guardian.  A signed copy must be returned to the driver the following day in order for the student to ride the bus.  The building administrator may be notified based upon the number, or severity, of the offense(s) to take further disciplinary action.  Misbehavior of a serious nature could result in immediate suspension of bus riding privileges.   Bus Conducts accumulate throughout the school year.