Middle School Grappler's Wrestle Well at Conference Championships

What a great ending to a crazy middle school season! 10 of 21 placed at the conference championship in Mason. The team would bounce between 3rd-6th place all day, making each match to the very end mean something. Ultimately the team finished in 6th place only 7.5 points away from 3rd. 7.5 points is equivalent to winning one more match and losing one less.

All conference wrestlers are as follows: 1st place – Carter Castillo (85 pounds) and Hunter Barker (125). 2nd place – Aiden Hart (167). 4th place – Killian Campbell (130), Nate Clute (167), Landry Wilkinson (185) and Chris Smith (HWY). 5th place – Kade Boucher (85), Ethan Bowen (115) and Logan Turnes (185).

Smiles, tears, laughter and friendship were all seen and made with this great bunch throughout the season. The coaching staff could not be more proud of this group of student-athletes and are very thankful for the support from parents, friends and Ionia administration.

By Craig Bowen on 
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